Colorhouse Chalk Board Paint


Now that the kids are getting back to school why not make them a chalkboard wall. Its a great place for them to practice writing and be creative. Last year when I renovated my house we painted a chalkboard wall in both of our kids rooms using Colorhouse Paint’s Chalkboard paint. These walls are well used. They have great fun writing and drawing on them. When friends are over they make art together while playing. I love that we can wipe it all clean and they can start again .

Colorhouse has a great blog post with tips Pro Painting Tip Chalkboard paint. They have some really creative ideas with this Chalkboard Headboard or this Chalk Board Bubble wall.

My littlest guy likes to practice writing on his wall. He likes to save little pictures of things his friends have done so we take pictures. He was practicing hearts on Valentines Day


Colorhouse Chalk board paint comes in 10 fantastic colors which can be bought from our online store or in our shop.  It is low-odor and nontoxic!

Glass 05       Glass O6       Metal 05       Metal 06



Nourish 06       Stone 06       Wood 04      Wood 05



Wool 05       Wool 06



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